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Alan's Vintage Watches
Tour a collection of vintage wrist watches with histories and stories about each one. Alan has also taken pictures of watches using electron microscopes, X-ray film and explains the luminous radium dials once used on watches.
Altivo Timepieces
California-based dealer with over 3,000 different models of designer and collectible watches in stock. Altivo specializes in those hard-to-find limited edition collectors pieces for Swatch, Fossil, G-Shock & Baby-G models.
Antiquorum Online
Antiquorum, established in Geneva in 1974, has earned global recognition as world leading auctioneer in the field of horology. Among the features on the site is a searchable online database of auction catalogs.
Ashton-Blakey Vintage Watches
Specializing in vintage wristwatches, and antique pocketwatches for over twenty-five years including Rolex, IWC, Heuer, Lemania, Baume et Mercier, Breitling, LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Hanhart, Omega, Vacheron, Zenith, Glasshutte and more with large clear scans and detailed description of all inventory.
Barry S. Goldberg's Pocket Watch Collection
Pictures and descriptions of a variety of American made pocketwatches. Also helpful information on subjects such as how to open a watch, what jewels are, and what Adjusted means.
Excuse Me, Do You Have The Time?
The transition from pocket watches to wrist watches: 1930s-1940s.
Gruen: The Art & Mystery of Watchmaking 1874-1958
Contains information for collectors of Gruen watches and a detailed bibliography. Also includes a page about the Columbus Watch Company.
Hamilton Railroad Watches
A history of the Hamilton Watch Company, with many pictures of watches and vintage advertisements.
Hamilton Watches
History and information on the Hamilton watch company, and Hamilton watches for sale.
International Watch Fob Association
Association for collectors of watch fobs.
Interstate Time Company
A site for the American pocket watch lover. Features include Watch of the Month, "The Illinois Collector's Corner", Articles, Private Label Information, Links, and other items of interest to the obsessed collector.
A good source of supply for vintage watches, with a powerful online inventory search tool. The site also has history and information about many watch companies and a glossary of watch terms.
Origins of the Waltham Model 57
Research information by Ron Price on the first machine made watches using interchangeable parts. The Unofficial Resource for Officine Panerai Enthusiasts
News, information, and opinions on Officine Panerai watches. Forum, reference section, and resources included.
Pulsar LED Watches
Dedicated to the Pulsar LED wristwatches, manufactured from 1970 to 1979. Find information about the models, history, Pulsar LED links, and collectors.
The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.
Founded in 1943, The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. (NAWCC) is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural, and social resource for its membership and the public at large. Members include hobbyists, students, educators, casual collectors, and professionals in related retail and manufacturing trades. The one common bond (and main membership requirement) is a fascination with the art and science of timekeeping (horology).
The Patek Philippe Museum
The Patek Philippe Museum is home to the prestigious creations of the Geneva-based firm of master watchmakers which was founded in 1839. Discover how a passion for timepieces has brought together an extraordinary display of watches, musical automata and portrait miniatures from the 16th to the 19th century, in addition to a library dedicated entirely to horology and its related subjects.
The Watch Guy
Information on watch collecting, horology, repair and watch company history.
Articles on wrist watches such as inspecting watches, buying watches, gold in watches and watch calibers. Also reviews of watch magazines, a glossary of watch terms, and short quizzes to test your knowledge.
Timexpo Museum
Timexpo® Museum tells the story of Timex and its heritage dating back to the 1850's. A Time Tunnel leads to ancient mysteries. Magnificent timepieces, hands-on activities and much more.
Designed to provide watch enthusiasts with information on your shared passion. You will find chat rooms, watch forums, an on-line watch school and numerous articles to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of watches.
Vintage Zodiacs
A Vintage Zodiac Swiss Watch Dealer - Offering information, pictures, and values on most Zodiac models. Buying and selling Zodiac watches and other vintage timepieces.
Watch It!
A Dutch based site devoted to the collecting of vintage wrist watches. This site offers a number of articles on a variety of subjects, all related to watches and watch collecting.

Books for Watch Collectors

100 Years of Vintage Watches: Identification and Price Guide
Classic Wristwatches 2008/2009
Cult Watches: The World's Enduring Classics
Instant Expert: Collecting Watches
The Watch
Watches: The Ultimate Guide
Wristwatch Annual 2008

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