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L.H. Selman Ltd.

Dealer with an expansive paperweight gallery and museum in Chicago, Illinois, with the largest collection of antique and contemporary paperweights anywhere.


Paperweight Collectors Association

The Paperweight Collectors' Association (PCA) is a nonprofit organization of more than 1600 members worldwide. Membership includes artists, dealers, collectors, museums, and libraries. Members range from those owning one or two inexpensive paperweights to those with large and valuable collections. The PCA is organized to promote interest and appreciation of art glass paperweights.

Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas

The Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas (PCA TX) was organized June 28, 1986, to foster interest in the art of the paperweight and related glass art works, to share knowledge with other interested people, and to provide a forum for fellowship with other paperweight collectors and dealers.

Glass paperweights at Ruby Lane

Browse hundreds of paperweights at the Ruby Lane collectibles mall.