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Stamp Collecting: Revenue Stamps

An Overview of United States Scott-Listed Revenue Stamps

An overview of the types of revenue stamps listed in the Specialized Catalog of US Stamps & Covers published by Scott.

Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India

Details of a special archival collection at the University of California, Berkeley Library.

Curtis Collections Revenue Stamps

A census of U.S. Revenue Documentary, Proprietary, Future Delivery, Stock transfer and Silver Tax stamps.

Forbin: Catalogue de Timbres-Fiscaux

The classic catalog of revenue stamps of the world, published in France in 1915, is now available online as a scanned version of the original work. A good resource for identifying old revenues, or just for browsing.

Stamp Collecting: Revenue Stamps

Revenue Society of Great Britain

An International Society for collectors of worldwide fiscal & revenue stamps and documents. The Revenue Society of Great Britain promotes the research, collection and displaying of revenue stamps and their associated documents by arranging regular meetings, mainly in London; publishing a regular quarterly journal and special booklets on Revenue subjects and by encouraging members to display their collections at both National & International Philatelic events.

Revenue Stamps of the Indian States

A 5-frame exhibit of Indian States revenue stamps.

Stamp Dealers' Sites

Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps

A superb dealer's site not only offering material from the nation's largest stock of these fascinating stamps, but also providing lots of information, fun and collecting resources. Billed as the largest shopping site on the Internet for the Revenues specialist.

Leonard H. Hartmann

The Philatelic Bibliopole, Leonard H. Hartmann, offers a fine selection of books on revenue and telegraph stamps.

Revenue-Man Stamps

Fine revenue stamps and documents from around the world.