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Postcard Information

Articles on Postcards, Postcard Collecting & Postcard Values

"Postcard Bill" Judnick has written several articles of interest to all postcard collectors. These have appeared in such notable publications as Barr's Post Card News and Postcard Collector. Also, he has collaborated with noted collectors to produce and publish occasional articles, some of which are available here.

Dating Postcards: Why? - - - How?

A useful guide to dating postcards, provided by Andrew J. Morris.

Postcard Information

Postcard Condition Grading

A proposed standard for grading the condition of postcards offered for sale, issued by the Postcard Traders Association (UK). is designed to provide information on collectible postcard price guides and other helpful information for collectors of vintage postcards.

Show Calendar

This page contains a listing of upcoming stamp shows and postcard shows, arranged in order by date and location.