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Food and Drink Collectibles

Cereal Collectibles

Cereal Boxes

Here is an archive of hundreds of pictures of cereal boxes.

Cracker Jack Collectors Association

If you like to collect Cracker Jack prizes and related items this is the association for you.visit the site for Cracker Jack news, trivia, and details of membership.

The Freakie Magnet Cereal Collectors Zine

The Freakie Magnet is a cereal fanzine, that is dedicated to cereal box collecting. More specifically, cereal boxes and cereal toy premiums from the 60's to the present.

Chocolate and Candy Collectibles

A pop-culture celebration of confection - its packaging, history, marketing, and the people behind it all. With an astounding quantity of wrappers and marketing displays, and a well-written blog too

Mike's Candy Wrappers

A collection of candy bar wrappers with a brief review of each candy, plus a comments page.

Roberto's Chewing Gum Wrappers Collection

Roberto is a Chilean collector of chewing gum wrappers, with more than 37000 gum wrappers from more than 100 countries.

Smarties - The Tube Gallery

This is an information site for Smarties enthusiasts. The main bulk of the site is dedicated to the standard sized Smarties tubes, but there are plenty of other Smarties related items, lids, toys etc.

The Chocolate Wrappers Museum

A Czech collector presents his huge collection of wrappers from all over the world, with lots of pictures of chocolate wrappers, links to chocolate companies and other chocolate related sites, history of cocoa and manufacturing chocolate.

The Quasi-Comprehensive Candy Bar Wrapper Image Archive

Scanned images of candy bar wrappers.

Food and Drink Collectibles

Fast Food Collectibles

Awesome Fast Food Toys

Offers lists of restaurant promotional toys from McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Includes descriptions.

Mcdonald's Collectors Club

Official web site of the McDonalds Collectors Club. Membership includes access to the annual convention, a collector pin, newsletter and more.

Fruit Labels & Stickers

Banana Label Gallery

A searchable gallery of banana labels, plus a history of banana labels.

Becky's Gone Bananas....And Broccoli Too!

Beckys collection of banana stickers, broccoli bands and asparagus bands.

Citrus Label Society

The online home of The Citrus Label Society, a Southern California-based non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of citrus labels.

The World of Fruit Labels

More than 1,000 fruit label images are displayed here for the purpose of providing reference information for fellow fruit label collectors and for interested people generally.

Drinks Collectibles

Brewery Collectibles Club of America

National organization for collectors of beer cans and breweriana.