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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection contains to date over 6,400 maps online and focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North and South America cartographic history materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia and Africa are also represented. The collection categories include old and antique atlas, globe, school geography, maritime chart, state, county, city, pocket, wall, children and manuscript maps. A superb resource.
Lewis & Clark: The Maps of Exploration 1507-1814
An online exhibit, from the University of Virginia, of maps and navigational instruments from Columbus to Lewis and Clark.
MapForum.Com - An On-line Antique Map Magazine
An online magazine intended to promote interest in and study of old maps, catering for the novice and the experienced collector by providing articles at all levels of interest and expertise. A useful resource for any map collector.
Mercator's World : The Magazine of Maps, Exploration, and Discovery
Mercator's World is a bi-monthly magazine that examines and celebrates the exploration, discovery, and mapping of Earth and space. Created for map and aficionados, geography buffs, and adventure seekers, Mercator's World focuses on the art, history, culture, and technology of cartography, geography, and exploration. Mercator's World covers: Modern and historic explorers, expeditions, and discoveries. Antiquarian, rare, and significant modern maps, globes, charts, and atlases. Great galleries, libraries, and private collections of maps and exploration literature. Early and modern mapping techniques and applications. The relationships between mapping and political, cultural, and natural events. Cartographic controversies, curiosities, and anomalies. And much more.
Rare Maps of Georgia
The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Georgia maintains a collection of more than 800 historic maps spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century. Although not limited to a single geographic subject, the collection heavily emphasizes the State of Georgia and the surrounding region. Many of these maps are displayed on this site.
Road Map Collectors Association
The Road Map Collectors Association was organized just a few years ago to promote the hobby and provide members with a network of trading partners. The organization now boasts over 500 members, and holds its annual meet in Chicago to give collectors a chance to visit with each other and learn more about the hobby. The site has useful information for road map collectors.
The International Map Collectors' Society
IMCoS is a map society for those who love antique maps, whether they be map collectors, dealers, academics, librarians or other enthusiasts; map collecting is an international hobby and IMCoS organises events such as visits to famous map collections, libraries and exhibitions, lectures, supports map fairs and informal exchanges between collectors. On the website there is a series of articles about caring for your map collection.
The Library of Congress: Map Collections 1500-2004
The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress holds more than 4.5 million items, of which Map Collections represents only a small fraction, those that have been converted to digital form. The focus of Map Collections is Americana and Cartographic Treasures of the Library of Congress. These images were created from maps and atlases and, in general, are restricted to items that are not covered by copyright protection. Maps are also downloadable for use with free viewer software that enables zooming in and out.

Dealers' Sites

Antique Maps and Views from Street & O'Neill Galleries
Original, antique maps and views, dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. Choose whether to browse by region, by mapmaker, by century, or even by price.
Barry Lawrence Ruderman: Old Historic Maps & Prints
Fine and rare antique maps and atlases from the 16th to 19th Centuries, as well as reference books about antique maps and the history of cartography and geography.
Historical Ink
Historical town maps of towns in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont - and other items of historical or genealogical interest
Maps at Ruby Lane
Find Maps in the leading online mall for antiques and collectibles.
Murray Hudson: Antiquarian Books, Maps, Prints & Globes
An extensive selection of original antique maps, books With maps (atlases, travel guides, geographies, explorations), historical prints, world globes, map jigsaw puzzles and map game boards. Over 27,000 items catalogued covering nearly every area and era.
Robert Ross & Co.
Dealing in old maps, globes, atlases, views and related books since 1980. The site also provides useful information for the novice map collector.

Maps on eBay

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