Collectors' & Reference Sites

Bookmark Collector
An attractive, nicely illustrated blog about bookmarks and bookmark collecting.
Bookmarks, by Lois R. Densky-Wolff
A brief introductory guide to bookmarks.
Collecting Bookmarks
Laine Farley collects all types, including paper, antique, metal and other materials. This web site provides links to information about bookmarks, including history, uses, bookmark creators, and more.
Fuat and Melissa's Bookmarks
An illustrated collection of bookmarks produced by bookstores.
Punto de Papel
A beautiful blog about bookmarks by Maria Rosa from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. (Text in Spanish)
Silver Bookmarks
An interactive catalog of a bookmark collection currently consisting of 1000 unique pieces. The collection is mainly silver, but it includes bookmarks of just about every material: gold, brass, bronze, copper, celluloid, pewter, silk, plastic, enamel, mother of pearl, leather and ivory.
The World of Bookmarks
A wonderful resource with information about all types of bookmarks.

Dealers' Sites

Daniel Bexfield Antiques
Antique silver bookmarks for sale.

Antique Bookmarks on eBay

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