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Carnival Glass

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Carnival Glass Societies

Carnival glass is moulded or pressed glass, always with a pattern and always with a shiny, metallic, 'iridescent' surface shimmer. The keys to its appeal were that it looked superficially like the very much finer and very much more expensive blown iridescent glass by Tiffany, Loetz and others and also that the cheerful bright finish caught the light even in dark corners of the home. Both functional and ornamental objects were produced in the carnival finish and patterns ranged from simple through geometric and 'cut' styles to pictorial and figurative. Some carnival glass is still produced today although in very small quantities. At the height of its popularity in the 1920s huge volumes were produced and prices were low enough for the ordinary home to afford.

A wide range of colours and colour combinations were used but the most common colours accounted for a large proportion of output, so scarce colours can today command very high prices on the collector market.

Pocket Guide to Carnival Glass

This attractive pocket guide presents the story of Carnival Glass. Included are brief histories of Dugan, Fenton, Imperial, Millersburg and Northwood. Learn to identify classic Carnival Glass patterns as well as contemporary Carnival Glass pieces, along with the prices you can expect to see in today's marketplace.

Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass 101 and Beyond

Everything you want to know about old carnival glass. A GREAT research site for glassoholics!

Carnival Heaven

The home of some pretty heavenly carnival glass.

Carnivalady's Corner

Visit the website of a carnival glass enthusiast.

Contemporary Carnival Glass Web Site

This web site is dedicated to information about collectible contemporary carnival glass. Glass companies are listed, each with a brief history and samples of carnival glass. The main focus is on carnival glass that was made from the late 1950s onward. There are value guides and pictures to help identify just what you have. Plus lots of articles on rarities in contemporary carnival glass.

David Doty's Carnival Glass Website

This web site provides a wealth of information for the carnival glass collector. Listed are hundreds of patterns, with colors, shapes, and the amounts paid for each item at auction for the last ten years.

Indiana Glass

EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Indiana Carnival Glass.

Online Glass Museum

Carnival glass article with photographs and text explaining carnival glass, links to numerous sites on glass, a Collectors' Club, and regular updates.

Thistlewood Carnival Glass

A resource site for pictures, information, publications and links on the subject of carnival glass, by Glen and Steve Thistlewood.

Carnival Glass at Ruby Lane

Browse hundreds of carnival glass items at the Ruby Lane collectibles mall.