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Stamp Collecting: Stamp Booklets

Scout Stamp Booklets

Quite few scout stamps are issued in booklets, so this is a collecting area that is both manageable and not least, it is very interesting. Not only the stamps themselves, but also text and illustrations on the booklet covers and inserts represent fine elements in a topical or thematic collection.

Stamp Collecting: Stamp Booklets

Booklets International

Booklets International is a company in The Netherlands specializing in stamp booklets of the world. They have in stock about 8000 different booklets: cheap common items for the beginning collector as well as very rare one-of-a-kind booklets for advanced or specialized collectors.

Self-Adhesive Greeting Booklets of Canada (1994-1997)

This article was published in the December 1997 Corgi Times, journal of the Elizabethan Study Group (an arm of the British North America Philatelic Society of Canada).