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Stamp Collecting: Stamp Design & Production

Stamp Engravers

A database of stamp engravers all over the world and their work.

Czeslaw Slania's Engraved Stamps and Banknotes

A beautiful site by Ann Mette Heindorff providing a comprehensive gallery of postage stamps and banknotes engraved by the most highly regarded of modern stamp engravers, Czeslaw Slania.

Collecting the Works of Czeslaw Slania

Chuck Matlack's tribute to the renowned stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania.

Pierre Albuisson - Artist, Designer, Master Engraver

Beautifully designed, the personal website of stamp designer and engraver Pierre Albuisson is a visual treat.

The Art of Engraved Stamps by Pierre Albuisson

This website is dedicated to the French engraver Pierre Albuisson, and his engraved stamps for France and the francophone world.

Stamp Collecting: Stamp Design & Production

Decaris Crazy!

A blog about the French stamp engraver Albert Decaris.

Die Proofs

This site presents information about all phases of the stamp production process that precedes the emission of the stamp, with regard specifically to the production of engraved stamps for France and its former colonies.

Martin Morck: Stamp Engraver, Designer, Presentation, Art of Making Stamps, Illustrator, Artist

Website of Martin Mörck, the stamp designer and engraver. A splendid gallery of stamps he has produced for numerous countries: Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, France, USA, Canada, etc. Plus an interesting presentation of the stamp production process.

Stamp Designers and Engravers

Wikipedia links to information about several stamp designers and engravers. Website

A philatelic resource relating to postage stamp printers and printing worldwide from 1840.

The Museum of U.S. Essays & Proofs

The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs is dedicated to the study and appreciation of early U.S. postage and revenue stamp design, as seen through the actual handiwork of the designers and engravers - Essays and Proofs. Over 350 pages of exhibits.