in quest of the best web sites for collectors




This Web site is designed to give the corkscrew collector a place to find whatever information s/he needs in pursuing this twisted hobby.

Butler's Antiques

Butler's Antiques specializes in accessories for the wine enthusiast - including a good selection of corkscrews and champagne taps.

Corkscrew Centre

If you are looking for an antique corkscrew to complement your stock of wine, or are an established Collector adding to your collection then you may find what you seek on this site. The Corkscrew Centre will normally have a wide variety of antique corkscrews, champagne taps, books etc and a stock of up to 1000 ranging from simple corkscrews to rare types.

Corkcrews Online

Whether you're a seasoned corkscrew collecting addict or just have a passing interest in the hobby, you will surely enjoy checking out Peter Borrett's website and sales pages.