in quest of the best web sites for collectors

Barbie Collecting

Barbie Dolls on Pinterest

Discover hundreds of images of Barbie on Pinterest.

Keeping Ken

A site exclusively for Ken, the man behind the doll!

Barbie Collecting

The Barbie Collection

The official Mattel site for the hobby of Barbie doll collecting - featuring a Doll Showcase including 600+ Barbie Collector dolls dating back to 1980, plus news, events, and features relating to the world of Barbie collecting.

Barbie Identification and History

Caroline Myers provides some help in identifying and dating vintage Barbies. - Activities and Games for Girls Online!

Mattel's official site for the young Barbie fan (and her parents). Delightful!

Favorite Barbie Bazaar Magazine Covers

Barbie Bazaar was a magazine for Barbie doll collectors. It made its debut in 1988 and ceased publication in 2006. Here is a gallery of Barbie Bazaar covers.