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Playing Cards

52 Plus Joker

Originally formed to cater to the interests of collectors of American antique playing card decks, 52 Plus Joker has long since broadened the scope of the club to include the collecting of playing card decks of all sorts.

A very attractive and informative site, full of interest for playing card collectors.

US Games Systems

Browse and shop in the world's largest catalog of tarot cards, playing cards and games.

Playing Cards

The International Playing-Card Society

The International Playing-Card Society serves its members with its journal (The Playing-Card, published bi-monthly) plus other published material and with an annual conference. Local meetings offer more opportunities to trade packs and exchange information with fellow members.

The World of Playing Cards

Here you can find out about playing cards, their history, design and manufacture, and see many different types of cards from around the world.

Playing Cards at Ruby Lane

You will find a good selection of vintage playing cards at the Ruby Lane collectibles mall.