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Book Collecting

Modern Book Collecting: A Basic Guide to All Aspects of Book Collecting

Modern Book Collecting offers advice that answers all the basic questions a book lover and collector might have - what to collect and where to find it, how to tell a first edition from a reprint, how to build an author collection, how to get the best price from dealers, how to understand the prices and rarity of books, and more.

A Gentleman's Guide to Collecting Books

A tongue-in-cheek but informative guide for the aspiring book collector.

Book Sale Finder

Here you'll find thousands of book sales, book fairs, book auctions, and other book events held throughout the USA and Canada. Just click on a state to get a calendar of events.

Books and Book Collecting

This web site provides a wealth of information for the book collector. Includes SetMaker - a free service to try to link up odd volumes with incomplete sets of reference books, collected works and other multi-volume editions - a kind of "Bureau of Missing Volumes".

Book Collecting

Colophon Page

Colophon Page is a home on the Internet for the community of collectors, dealers, creators and lovers of the fine publishing arts. Highly recommended for lovers of modern illustrated and fine press books.

English Bible History

A history and timeline of the development of English language translations of The Bible.

Firsts Magazine for book collectors

Firsts Magazine, the premier publication in the Book Collectors field, is a resource for book collecting, first editions, rare, antiquarian books.

Information on Facsimile Books

An introduction to facsimile books, faithful recreations of the original. From Finn's Fine Books.

Literary Resources - Bibliography and History of the Book

An index of web resources focusing on those of interest to scholars.

The Essentials of Book Collecting: An Essay in Parts by Robert F. Lucas

Contains a wealth of useful information, as well as a glossary of terms.


A database of author pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, noms des plumes, and maiden names. Over 11,000 entries.

A Book Collector's Glossary

This is the first full edition of "A Book Collector's Glossary." It is not complete, but is a work in progress, and a labor of love for those who collect books.