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American Museum of Photography

View great images from the history of photography, daguerreotypes to Ansel Adams. Features Americana, Civil War, Wild West, portraits, scenes, photojournalism, plus information on preserving photos

Craig's Daguerreian Registry

Craig's Daguerreian Registry is a unique compilation and cross-indexed reference to the practioners of the art of the daguerreotype in the United States from 1839 to 1860. Included as well are members of the allied professions including casemaking, apparatus and accessory manufacturing and distribution, coloring, die-engraving, etc.

Orsillo's Gallery

The fine art photography of Bob Orsillo.


The Daguerreotype: The Daguerreian Society homepage

The Daguerreian Society homepage, dedicated to the art, history and science of the daguerreotype. Features galleries, extensive resources, and information about the Society.

Century Images

Century Images is one of the largest web sites in the world for antique photo images. Thousands of photos with everything from teddy bears to barber shops. Large thumbnails and huge enlargements for your viewing pleasure. Adding more photos every day.

Vintage Photographs For Sale at Lee Gallery

Lee Gallery has been buying and selling fine photographs since 1981 - specialties include 20th century American photographs made before 1970, photographs from the Photo-Secession and the circle of Stieglitz, and 19th century photographs.

Historic Photos: Real vs. Fake

Tips for collectors, from Antiques Roadshow.