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Stamp Collecting: Postal Stationery

FIP Postal Stationery Commission

If you are wondering what consitutes postal stationery, there is an illustrated section on "What is Postal Stationery". There is a section on the various societies devoted to postal stationery. A working list of journals and books devoted to postal stationery can be found in the literature section. There are also mini displays of postal stationery which will change periodically.

The website is dedicated to the study and enjoyment of world-wide Aerogrammes (Aerograms), Air Letter Sheets and the equivalent.

Stamp Collecting: Postal Stationery

United Postal Stationery Society (UPSS)

The United Postal Stationery Society is a non-profit organization which was formed in 1945, and today it is the largest society devoted to the collecting of postal stationery with members across the United States as well as many countries throughout the world. There is much of interest on this site, including a good introductory article Should You Be Collecting Postal Stationery?.

Stamp Dealers' Sites

JOBI Philatelic Services

Specializing in US Postal Stationery from A to Z: Entires, cut squares, postal cards, wrappers, and air letter sheets. Space fillers to exhibit quality.