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Stamp Collecting: Fakes and Forgeries

Confederate Fakes

This site primarily features counterfeit Confederate stamps and other faked and forged items. Information is provided so that the average collector has an online resource to help evaluate stamps either already present in a collection or potential new acquisitions.

Fake and Fantasy Stamps of Vietnam

An ongoing reference project by the Fake & Fantasy Group of the Society of Indo-China Philatelists. This site currently contains images and information about fake and genuine Vietcong, South Indo-China overprints and Fantasy Cancels of Indo-china. More material is being added continually and there are plans to publish some of the findings in handbook form.

Stamp Collecting: Fakes and Forgeries

Japanese Forgeries

A useful guide to identifying forgeries of classic Japanese stamps.

Stamp Forgery Guide

About 150 selected postage stamp forgery links, together with recommended philatelic forgery literature.

Stamps of the Suez Canal Company

Private labels put out by the SCC in 1868 to pay for carrying letters through the Canal. They only lasted for a few months, but, presumably because of their rarity and relative crudity of design, were heavily forged. Find out how to tell the good guys from the bad.