Stamp Collecting: Postmarks & Cancellations

GB Victorian Towns Identifier
Have you ever wondered about which town a partial CDS. came from? For the Victorian period of Great Britain... here's a chance to find out.
BCCC: Bullseye Cancel Collector's Club
Members have an interest in centered cancels on postage stamps in any portion that the location and date of the obliteration are readable. Many are also interested in different land's cancel and cancel devices. The BCCC has a goal to increase membership among all collectors with an interest in cancels through publication of articles on this subject in its bulletin and also in other publications.
Marques Postales
Description des oblitérations, 250 reproductions de timbres. Les timbres classiques avec tirage et cote. Histoire de France (1849-1900). Conseils pour monter sa collection de timbres et d'oblitérations.
Post Mark Collectors Club
The Postmark Collectors Club is a National Organization to promote the collecting of Postmarks and Postal History. The Club sponsors an Annual Convention and the Postmark Museum in Bellevue, Ohio.
The International Machine Cancel Society
Dedicated to the study of Machine Postal Markings, the machine inventors, patents, and other related history.
The Postmark Newsletter
This web site provides news about pictorial postmarks, and is updated twice a month.
U.S. Machine Cancel Identifier
A set of Web pages that allow you to identify certain types of machine cancellations from the early period of the 20th century.

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