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Trains on Stamps

Casey Jones Railroad Unit

With nearly 500 members throughout the world, the Casey Jones Railroad Unit is the first (1950) of the American Topical Association Study Units, and, today, one of the largest. Its bi-monthly bulletin, The Dispatcher, is devoted entirely to philatelic railroadiana. The website has many interesting features, including a fascinating section on Railroad Thematic Cancellations of the United States.

Indian Railways in Postal Stamps

A collection of images of stamps pertaining to railways in India, from the author's collection, along with notes and technical details.

Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen

The "Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen" e.V. was founded in 1963. Today, it includes approximately 700 members in Europe and overseas countries, and enjoys continuing membership growth. Members are interested primarily in stamps, cancellations and postal stationery which reflect the railway theme.

Railway Philatelic Group

Are you a stamp collector? Are you interested in railways? If the answer to these questions is yes, the RPG is the organisation for you. With 450 members worldwide, an Annual Convention, a quarterly journal, an exchange packet and an auction twice a year, membership of the Group will enable you to make contact with other collectors who share your interests and passion for railways past and present.

Trains on Stamps

Railway Thematic Stamps

Horst Bix's site is intended to give an overview of the railway thematic hobby, as well as providing additional data about existing literature and other sources of information. (Text in English and German)

The Rail Philatelist Survey of Rail Philately

A splendid thirty-page exhibit providing an overview of the range of rail philately.

The Railways of America: A Study of Postage Stamps

A very interesting article by A. M. Goodbody with a wealth of technical detail, as well as entertaining and informative historical anecdotes.

The Railways of Luxembourg on Stamps

A gallery of stamps relating to Luxembourg railways.

The Talyllyn Railway Letter Service

Information about the letter service of the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, and its carriage labels.

Trains of Europe

A gallery of European stamps relating to trains.

Trains on U.S. Stamps and Postal Stationery

Images of U.S. postage stamps and postal stationery with a train or rail theme, aranged by type (Locals and Expresses, US postage stamps, then Parcel Post, Revenues, and postal stationery). Each image is accompanied by information the purpose and history of the stamp, and shows covers and other collateral material.

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