Stocks and Bonds

Collectors' & Reference Sites

Ron's Currency, Stocks and Bonds
A site for collectors of currency, paper money, stocks and bonds, and the hobbies of Syngraphy and Scripophily.
The Bond & Share Society
The world's biggest and fastest growing society of scripophily collectors and dealers. The Society aims to encourage and develop all aspects of the collection and study of historic stocks, bonds and shares. Founded in 1978, the society now has members in 50 countries, the largest groups being in the United States, Britain and Germany. The site contains a very useful page of information for newcomers to the hobby.
Washington Historial Autograph and Certificate Organization (WHACO!)
WHACO! is a service organization for colletors of historic autographs, stocks, bonds, certificates and Scripophily-related items. The WHACO! Charter requires the organization be run by collectors, publishing WHACO! News and sponsoring shows and auctions. The site has an interesting Gallery of Themes.

Dealers' Sites

Heinz Husi Antique Bonds & Shares
Swiss dealer's site with many railway, aviation, car, navigation, gold mine, bank, oil and other stock certificates.
Scripophily .com - Trusted Collectible Stock and Bond Certificate Superstore
Claims to be the number one supplier of old stock and bond certificates on the internet. The site certainly has a very impressive number of items for sale, with pictures.
Scripophily Corner - Antique Stocks and Bonds
Nine pages of stocks and bonds for sale.

Stock Certificates on eBay

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