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United States Militaria

Association of American Military Uniform Collectors (AAMUC)

The Association of American Military Uniform Collectors was founded early in 1977 by a small group of collectors of American military uniforms who felt the need to work together to improve their personal collections and themselves by exchanging their ideas and knowledge. As a group, AAMUC (pronounced "amuck" is dedicated to the collection, preservation and study of American military uniforms.

Website dedicated to U.S. Air Force patch/insignia collecting. Site contains an extensive patch gallery, discussion, reference materials, and much more.

WW2 US Militaria

Personal online collection, dedicated to the equipment, weapons, clothing, badges and insignia of the American soldier in World War II (European Theater of Operations), with descriptions and pictures.

Antique Arms America Inc.

Dealer offering for sale items from the Civil War, Indian Wars and The Old West. Including Arms, Bowies, Badges, Belts, Holsters, Photographs, Documents and much more.

Bell's Aviation

Bell's Aviation provides American aviation flight gear, clothing, and equipment to collectors worldwide. Bells specializes in World War 2 Army Air Corps and US Navy items with special emphasis on flight helmets, goggles, oxygen mask, flight jackets, clothing, parachutes, life vests, and survival gear. Bell's online Virtual Museum has pictures of some interesting items from the owner's collection.

Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII

This site is dedicated to restoring WWII Jeeps manufactured by Willys & Ford, and outfitting them with proper accessories, accoutrements and militaria. Jeeps are the #1 worldwide most recognized vehicles ever built. There is content for everyone. There are history/education pages and fun pages as well as biz pages.

Dale C. Anderson - Military Antiques & Americana

Source of original military antiques and Americana. Guns, swords, uniforms, headgear and all manner of associated material. All periods. Civil War through Spanish American War a specialty. Print catalog also offered.

Wartime Collectables Militaria

Military antiques and collectibles including uniforms, medals, patches, soldier collections, reference material - also antique firearms, swords, revolutionary war items, civil war items, Korean and Vietnam War items.

Williams' Militaria

Williams' Militaria offers thousands of vintage military clothing, relics and collectible items Browse through the online catalog of military memorabilia from Early US, World War 1, World War 2, British, German, Japan, French and Italian. Avid collectors of military antiques will find a vast selection of items including military clothing, weapons, helmets, awards, medals, patches, equipment, gear and personal items.