Lilliput Lane

A Passionate Man: Ray Day Celebrates 10 Years with Lilliput Lane

An interesting article about Ray Day on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his involvement with Lilliput Lane. This marks a decade in which Ray Day created nearly one hundred miniature masterpieces, such as "Winnie's Place", "Disney's Haunted Mansion", and his anniversary piece, "Nature's Bounty", not to mention his very successful Coca-Cola line of Lilliputs.

Lilliput Lane

The official Lilliput Lane website in the UK. See highlights of the Lilliput Lane UK catalogue, learn how the cottages are made, and much more.

Ray Day's Lilliput Lane Landmarks

At the invitation of founder David Tate, Ray Day began creating the American Landmarks Collections for Lilliput Lane in 1989. Here he presents details of all the works he produced for Lilliput Lane, all of which are now retired.