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Delphi Stamp Forums

The Virtual Stamp Club Club - VSC at Delphi Forums
The VSC is a stamp club for those of us online. You may have heard of it as Delphi's Stamp Collecting Forum, which it still is. Chartered in 1995 as the first electronic chapter of the American Philatelic Society, it is now also a chapter of the American First Day Cover Society.
Membership requirements are simple: Show up! Enter our Message Board or participate in one of our chats, and you can count yourself a member of The VSC, APS Chapter #1461, AFDCS Chapter #84. That's all there is to it: No dues, no applications, no oaths, no secret handshakes.
Plate Number Coil Collectors Club - PNC3 at Delphi Forums
This forum is for collectors of United States Plate Number Coil stamps to meet and discuss issues, collecting habits and specialties. Meetings are held every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM, Eastern Time. Everyone is welcome to attend.

eBay Stamp Groups & Chat

Philatelist Group
The aim of this group to help buyers and sellers of postage stamps and covers on eBay. The main goal of this group is for the members of this group to help anyone with a philatelic related question and to encourage a wide range of philatelic discussions and workshops.
More eBay Groups
Apart from the Philatelist group (above), there are many other more specialized groups on eBay - for example, Aerogrammes and Postal Stationery and U.S. Classic Stamps.
The Stamp Board (eBay)
This group was created as a response to eBay's elimination of the Stamps Discussion thread. It's a place where stamp collectors can come and talk about all aspects of philately and where posters can ask questions and get answers to stamp-related matters.

Google / Usenet Groups

Google / Usenet Groups
Usenet groups for stamp collectors include:
rec.collecting.stamps, rec.collecting.stamps.dicuss, rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace.
There are others, but they have very little activity.

Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo! Stamp Collecting Groups
There are many stamp collecting groups on Yahoo! (over 700, at the latest count). And if you don't find one that suits you, you can start a new one.

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