Linking to AtoZee

We welcome all text and graphic links to this site!

Here are some suggestions for adding a link on your site. Feel free to customize to your taste.

These examples all assume that you are linking to our home page. You may, if you wish, amend them to point to any other page on our site.

If you have any questions or comments, please send email to:

Text Link

To display a text link to our site, simply paste the following line of HTML code into your page:

The link will look like this:

AtoZee - the collector's website
Whatever you collect, AtoZee will make your collecting more pleasurable and profitable.

Graphic Links

If you wish, you may display a graphical link to our site. Move your pointer over the graphic below and right-click the mouse to save the image to your local hard drive. Rename the image "atozee.gif" and upload it to your own server.


Now paste the following HTML code into your page:

Remember to amend the image source path if you don't put the banner in the same directory as the link.

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